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What on earth is the QF1 League?

For the past two years, we’ve been running this format called the QF1 at our fortnightly meetings. It’s a light prelims style set of 30 general questions that participants attempt lone-wolf. It’s received a whole lotta love so we thought we’d share some of it with you.

Every other week, we will send across the QF1 set to interested quizzing centers – college/corporate/hostel quiz clubs, apartment associations, zoos and other places where creatures with opposable digits congregate to respond to questions. You can even take part in the comfort of your own bat cave – all you need is an e-mail ID, a device to run quiz ppts off, pens and papers to attempt the quiz. Solo participants are welcome, but please consider taking up a QFI subscription to support QFI if you want to take the quiz solo. It’s a lot of effort collating and publishing the results and individual scores are particularly gnarly to assimilate, compared to groups. Details here: http://subscribe.quizfoundation.com

Even if you are part of a group, please consider contributing to QFI by taking up subscriptions or even a straight up donation. We conduct a number of live events for the public and would appreciate your monetary support for the hall rent and prizes. These live events promote quizzing and enliven the triviasphere. (Or whatever, you get the point!) 

Once you are done taking part, simply send in your scores along with those of others who took the quiz with you. We will collate and track the scores from all over.

Who is this for? 

QF1 is for anyone interested in quizzing and trivia. There is no criteria to limit participants. You can be from anywhere in the world and in any age group, student or not. It’s also a great opportunity for people who don’t have access to regular quizzing. Are you trying to start a quiz club or quiz group in your workplace/school/college/neighbourhood? Do you not have enough content to bootstrap and get going? With QF1 you have a fortnightly, friendly quiz which you can take without any costs attached. The only obligation is that you send back scores for each edition. 

Do I have to pay for this?

Nope. It’s completely free. Just make sure you let people know that the set has been sent across by QFI and call out the setter’s name.

What if I google/discuss answers with my dog/take performance enhancing drugs/indulge in other kinds of shady behavior?

Go ahead. All scores will be published on our site. People will know who you are and vote for you to become supreme overlord of all Marvel and DC multiverses. You may even be recognized as the person of the millennium ahead of Ric Flair and MK Gandhi. Subhash Ghai will make a biopic on your life.

So what’s in it for me?

Acing the QF1 does not guarantee anything except bragging rights. Depending on the response, we may give you a prize. Or a biscuit.

We won’t be able to take the quiz on Sunday? Can we still host it?

Sure. Just send us your scores by the succeeding Sunday if you’d like them to feature on the leader board. We are pretty chill about accepting your late scores, so no sweat. 

How do we sign up?

Register with your contact details at http://qf1signup.quizfoundation.com

If you have any doubts mail us at mail@quizfoundation.com. Let us know the name, e-mail ID and phone number of someone whom we can get in touch to coordinate next steps over whatsapp.

So what happens if I signup but don’t submit scores?

If you don’t send in scores for 2-3 editions in a row (without any notice that you’re not able to submit scores) you’re indicating that you’re not able to take QF1 competitively. We periodically take account of all the signed up proctors (fancy-speak for contacts who have signed up to conduct QF1s) and purge those IDs from whom we have not received scores. They will no longer receive our QF1s in the future. 

I just want the questions, is that ok?

QF1 is supposed to be a competitive event. If you don’t want to bother participating and sending in your scores regularly, and just want the questions this is perfectly fine. Just sign up for an annual QFI subscription and receive the questions without any obligations. Details here: http://subscribe.quizfoundation.com

We are a school/college and we will miss a few editions! What do we do?

This is perfectly fine. We are aware that schools and colleges close for holidays. Everyone takes vacations and breaks. We would appreciate an email from you that you are not submitting scores for certain editions so that we know that you are not just missing the quizzes due to email problems or any other reasons. We will also allow late submission of entries in the start of the college season, so no worries. 

How many editions can I miss without it impacting my score?

2-3 editions per season might be perfectly ok as we usually take a best 8/10 or best 5/7 for a season. 

How long is a season?

This varies. It can be anywhere from 7-12 editions per season. But it doesn’t really impact standings or more importantly the quizzing enjoyment you derive from the QF1. 

Has the season already started? Am I too late in signing up?

No. You are never too late in signing up for a QF1. You can even sign up just before the last quiz of the season. Even if you are not able to submit scores and get a full-fledged leaderboard for your efforts, you will be part of the leaderboard or scoresheet for the editions you take part. So sign up anytime. Sign ups for QF1 remain perpetually open. 

Can I get older QF1 sets?

While signing up for a QF1 at any point will get you all open QF1 quizzes of the present season (quizzes to which scores are being accepted) older sets can be accessed by signing up for a paid QFI subscription. Details here: http://subscribe.quizfoundation.com

Is there a catch? Do I have to start paying for this at any time?

No, absolutely not. There is no obligation from you other than that you keep sending in your scores. We also ask you to respect the rights of the question setters and not share these quizzes with anyone or use them for any other purposes without our explicit say-so. 

Who am I competing with?

(This is not (cough..) an exhaustive list.) 

India: Quiz Foundation of India, OQA-Bhubaneswar, SRM, Chai Pe Quiz (Kochi), V-Quiz (Trivandrum), Gyanartha (Thrissur), Calcutta, BITS Pilani, NIT Trichy, NIT Rourkela, Madras Medical College, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, Infosys MCity, NIT Warangal, Stella Maris College, AFMC Pune,  BITS Goa, OQA-Cuttack, TCS Siruseri Quiz Club, Ashok Leyland (Chennai), Sunday Evening Quiz Club (Goa), Talentica (Pune), IIT Roorkee, IIT Dharwad, IIT Varanasi, MIT Manipal, VIT, NIT Surathkal, SVCE, Tezpur University, University of Hyderabad

International: Bay Area Quiz Club, Quiz Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, London, Paris, New York Quiz Club, University of Maryland

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