QF1 League – Set 1 round up and results

*****The second edition of QF-1 League set by Arun, Matti and Yaggy has just been sent out. In case you’ve signed up for the QF1 League and haven’t received it yet, please drop us a line at mail@quizfoundation.com or whatsapp us*****
QF1 League’s off to a better start than Manchester United and Mourinho. We understand that’s not saying much but it was always our intent to start small. Thanks to your enthusiasm, we may have to sign up for 2019’s ‘All or Nothing’ (with JK playing Pep) in addition to setting up a fantasy league that allows people to bet on Srinath Bhashyam, Vinoo Sanjay and Ravi Mundoli topping the charts.
Instead of the 5-10 clubs that we’d hoped to recruit, we had 35 unique centers (in addition to QFI Chennai) take part in the first round of the QF1 League. These included universities, schools and corporate quiz clubs. 430 participants, some of them located in distant corners of the world like Paris and Radhakrishnan Salai, attempted the prelims of the Grandmaster Quiz set by Kiran Vijaykumar. Vinoo Sanjay (Mumbai) and Ravi Mundoli (QFI Chennai) topped the prelims, scoring 21 out of 40. The ranks (as they stand) along with scores for the top 10% can be viewed here: http://qf1.quizfoundation.com
In case you or your quiz club would like to take part in this week’s QF1, mailed out just now (on 2nd September 2018), do drop us a line at mail@quizfoundation.com. Scores are due by 11th of September.