Announcing the QF1 League!

Hello folks,
We’ve just thought up the idea of a quizzing league. We should probably call it a fantasy league ’cause it’s something that doesn’t exist yet. And we need your support to make it real.
For the past two years, we’ve been running this format called the QF1 at our fortnightly meetings. It’s a light prelims style set of 30 general questions that participants attempt lone-wolf. While we’ve often been asked if doing well at QF1s is an indicator of success at IAS exams or even at Landmark, we’d like to report that thus far, we’ve only been able to conclude that (a) it’s fun; (b) it’s helped us get a lot more participants at our weekly meetings than any blandishment offered in the past; (c) it’s had close to 100% success in getting people to show up at more than one of our meetings (you’ll just have to take our word for it). We also use the QF1 as a way to group people into teams for the general team quizzes that feature at our meetings.
So what we’re proposing is this. Every other Sunday, we will mail our QF1 set to you, free of cost, for you to run it at your local meeting. All you need is a proctor (fancy word for QM), a device to run ppts off, and most importantly, an enthu enough group of participants to take the quiz. Once you run the quiz, collate all the scores along with participant names and send them across to us. We will compile scores from all over and publish a leader-board. We can neither confirm nor deny that prizes will be awarded. Bragging rights are assured.
Do let us know if you are in. We are planning to send out the first QF1 set this Sunday, the 19th to interested quiz clubs. All are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Announcing the QF1 League!

  1. I have a 10 year old son. Can I bring him for this on Sunday at ps senior school? Or is it only for adults?

    1. Hi, we generally recommend that attendees be above 12 years of age, but if a parent accompanies, children of lesser age are OK as well.

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