QFI Grandmaster 2019

The 18th annual edition of the annual QFI Grandmaster quiz was held recently on the 21st of July, 2019 at PS School. A QFI fixture since the year 2002, the Grandmaster is the annual QFI lone wolf quiz for solo participants. The previous year’s winner Srinath Bhashyam was the QM for this year’s edition. Srinath…

Results of GrandMaster 2017

Last Saturday, we convened to take part in GrandMaster 2017, also known as that annual event which JK wins and conducts in alternate years. This year, he played QM. Kiran Vijaykumar (KVK) was crowned GrandMaster after he finished just ahead of Rajagopal PS (Raju). Here’s a quick recap of proceedings: Top 16 (after the prelims):…

Results of QFI Grandmaster 2016

The 15th edition of QFI’s Grandmaster Quiz held on Saturday, May 14th, was won by Jayakanthan. The quiz was conducted by previous year’s winner Kiran Vijayakumar. Srinath Bashyam finished a close-ish second. 23 people participated in the quiz. The top 16 qualified for a 52 question finals. The final scores and placings are: 1. R….

QFI Grandmaster Sampler

Hi The annual QFI Grandmaster Quiz was conducted recently by Samanth Subramanian. Please find a presentation with some of the questions at the link below. http://www.slideshare.net/quizfoundation/qfi-grandmaster-2014-sampler We will be circulating the complete quiz on our subscriber mailing list shortly. Please subscribe if you haven’t and enjoy this and other excellent quizzes.

QFI meeting on June 23, 2013

Hi, We have a QFI meeting on June 23, 2013, Sunday. We will have the Grandmaster quiz by Jayakanthan. The Grandmaster is an annual QFI quiz for solo participation. Please bring pen and paper as there will be a written round. Venue – PS Senior Secondary School, #33, Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore, Chennai 600004 Time – 10…