New Season of QF1

New: Signup for QF1 using this link:

The new season of QF1 has started and a few editions have been posted. To allow for late openings of schools, colleges, people’s vacations etc., we will extend the scores deadline for the first few editions. Sign up to the QF1 League remains free and open throughout the year.

So what exactly is the QF1? It’s a 100% free, competitive fortnightly quiz open to anyone, anywhere interested in quizzing. We send you a quiz every fortnight, of 30 simple (we try our best), yet interesting questions. You attempt them and send in your scores. Interested in knowing more? Read the FAQs.

More details with links to previous edition scores (with face melting visualizations) here.

Don’t hesitate! It’s never too late to sign up for QF1. Start today by registering at with your details. Contact us at for any queries.

So if you have always wanted to take in the occasional quiz competitively and didn’t know where to start, QF1 is your buddy. Write us!

It’s a real joy spending 30 minutes to an hour every fortnight wracking your brains attempting a fun quiz from some of the finest quizmasters and trivia mavens at absolutely no cost. On top of that you can track how you fare against the best out there and more importantly, how you do against yourself, over the course of a season! Sign up today.