Results of the QFI U-S Open 2017

The second edition of the QFI U-S Open was held in January. The top five teams in the prelim made it to the final directly while a semifinal was conducted for the next eight teams with three more teams making it to the final from there. ┬áHere are the results: Top 5 Scores in Prelim…

Results of QFI Grandmaster 2016

The 15th edition of QFI’s Grandmaster Quiz held on Saturday, May 14th, was won by Jayakanthan. The quiz was conducted by previous year’s winner Kiran Vijayakumar. Srinath Bashyam finished a close-ish second. 23 people participated in the quiz. The top 16 qualified for a 52 question finals. The final scores and placings are: 1. R….


185: Yukio Mishima as St. Sebastian. 186: The runner tries to show off his physical prowess once in a while. Mainly to clear any misconceptions that could arise from his stage name. What subverted slogan could be used to link him to the French man?

Daily Question – 63

Before we get to today’s question, first an announcement: Yesterday saw the 15th edition of the annual Landmark Quiz conducted at the Music Academy in Chennai. Hosted by Dr. Navin Jayakumar, the quiz provided an evening of exhilarating quizzing, with QFI teams doing very well. The Chennai regional round was won by QED (Samanth Subramanian,…