QF1 is a fortnightly 30 question quiz to be attempted in writing by solo participants. It serves as the first half of a standard QFI meeting. It is aimed at being a beginner level, simple, general quiz, with a prelim level set of questions to be attempted solo by the participants.

We had a QF1 League earlier, where interested participants/quiz clubs/quiz associations could sign up for free and receive the QF1 questions every fortnight and run them for themselves/their quiz clubs and send us back the scores and a leaderboard was maintained.

After a pandemic induced hiatus, we’ve resumed sending out the QF1 sets to interested quiz clubs. This remains free and there is no mandatory requirement to send us back your scores, although we appreciate your scores and feedback. We will not be doing a leaderboard for now and the QF1 quizzes remain open to all, available to all interested, for no fee.

If you are trying to kick off a quiz club at your school, college, neighbourhood or workplace, you can use the QF1 sets to bootstrap it into existence. Get the sets fortnightly and run them for your friends!

If you’re interested, do sign up at http://qf1signup.quizfoundation.com/