Inbox alert: The first QFIesta 2019 quiz is on its way

If you’re a QFI subscriber, you should find the first of the QFIesta quizzes in your inbox today (21/08/2019). If you’re not, you can obtain access to the QFIesta quizzes and others conducted in 2019 by registering here: QFI subscriptions cost Rs. 1000/year and are recommended reading for UPSC aspirants, spiritual seekers and non-anti-nationals.

First of the QFIesta quizzes making their way to a mailbox near you is ‘Saare! Jahan se Acchan’, a general quiz conducted by the Fraud Mallus (since their combined Malayalam vocabulary is limited to ‘Saarey!’) unit of Ravi Mundoli (aka Kiddo), Gopal Kidao (Kid, not the same as Kiddo) and Arun Hiregange (Appu, not related to Kamal Hassan). Their method of setting quizzes – “3 mallus and a quarter apiece” has been made famous by a Bangalore based rock band though the Fraud Mallus have modestly eschewed any connection. The quiz covered a wide variety of topics ranging from pop culture to science and in case you don’t believe us, we’ll send across the pie chart that Kiddo put together to ensure that there is adequate coverage of obscure topics. Or as quizzers term it, “a little bit for everyone”.

The quiz was won by Wimwi Mandram (Srinath, Vinoo and Rajiv). QED (Samanth, Swami and JK) finished second and SJC quizzers (Arul, Ravindra and Santosh) finished third.