QFI Meeting on Sunday, 16th September

*This Sunday’s meeting is at PS Senior and in the morning*.

Some of us at QFI are old enough to remember a time when Chennaites completed sentences with an obscenity of choice as opposed to this ‘ji’ business. In Goundamani-Senthil style, we will respond to this abomination with not one ji but two GGs.

The biggest name in Chennai quizzing, Vijay Sarathy aka Gentle Giant will host our QF1. He’s extremely valued by the QFI and not just because he controls our finances. Each time someone asks us for directions to the QFI meeting, we simply ask them to look for the BFG (G stands for giant, we’ve heard different people fill up the rest differently).

Veteran quizzer Gautam Ghosh will host our team quiz. He’s still new to the place and was overheard referring to Red Hills as ‘proper Chennai’. We’d like to give him a rousing (English, not Chennai Tamil) welcome to the QFI and at the same time, warn him that our participants are not very different from some of the denizens he’d encounter in the vicinity of Red Hills..

The venue is PS Senior, Mylapore, and the session will begin at 10 a.m. Full address and other details are at the bottom of this announcement (just so you read through till the end). No fees or subscription or registration is necessary to take part. Just turn up on the day regardless of whether you want to participate or just watch.

We recently started the QF1 League, where QF1 quizzes are sent out to quiz clubs around the country. The participating clubs will be sent the QF1 quiz on the same day it happens at QFI and they can take the quiz within 10 days and send the scores back to us. QFI will consolidate the scores and make them publicly available at http://qf1.quizfoundation.com
We have received a great response to the QF1 League with over 50 clubs participating. Enrolments remain open for the league and more details are available at https://www.quizfoundation.com/qf1
QFI does issue annual subscriptions as well, but this is a purely optional way to support QFI and receive every one of its Sunday quizzes (and quiz fest quizzes) by email. If you wish to subscribe or renew your subscription, you can do so at one of the Sunday meetings or online at http://subscribe.quizfoundation.com. For 2018, our annual membership is a nominal Rs 1,000.
For any queries, please write to us at mail@quizfoundation.com
We hope to see you there!

Date – 16th September (Sunday)
Venue – PS Senior Secondary School, #33, Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore, Chennai 600004
Time – 10 AM


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    I would like to understand the process to enroll my 9yr old son. He is quite interested in quizzing, I would like to hone his skills. Please suggest

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