QF1 League update

Long overdue QF1 League update!

Good things come to those who wait. Great things come to those to procrastinate. Said no one ever, unfortunately.

Your correspondent had been tasked with posting an update regarding consolidated scores for the 2nd edition of QF1 but as usual, got tied up elsewhere in true Ghajinikanth style. Fortunately not all QFI folks are like yours truly and Vinid Sasidharan used the time to put together a spectacular dashboard where you can see how scores compare across geographies, institution types etc. Do let us know what you think!

The consolidated scores can be viewed here: qf1.quizfoundation.com
Here’s the link to the dashboard: dash.quizfoundation.com

The third edition of QF1 has been mailed out. Scores are due day after (26th September) but in case you’re one of those rare souls that takes things like college mid-terms seriously and consequently is in need of an extension, do drop us a mail or ping us on Whatsapp.

The fourth edition of QF1 will not be mailed out this weekend. You folks know why but allow me to remind the three of you who have forgotten that it’s QFIesta! We will keep you posted regarding the next edition.