QFI Meeting on Sunday, 15th July

*This Sunday’s meeting is at PS Senior and in the morning*

We’re back and this time, it’s a month of Sundays at QFI. In the lead up to QFIesta, a two day festival of quizzing conducted by some of QFI’s finest (on August 4th and 5th), we will be hosting quizzes on 15th, 22nd and 29th July. So do cancel all those plans that you’ve made for alternate Sunday mornings and watch this space closely for details regarding the themes and venues for each week’s quizzes.

This Sunday, we will be hosting a rerun of Rajagopal PS (Raju) and Arun Ramanathan’s quiz conducted originally at the KQA. As always, there will be a QF1 and a team quiz. Both quizzes will be proctored by QFI’s Jambavan (or Bhismapithamah, if you’d so prefer), Devi Prasad.

Raju, as we all know, is a fine quizzer who truly epitomizes the spirit of the collective. He has for long been an advocate of state sponsored quizzing and if bulletins in the Pravda are to be believed, even wakes up to the stirring tunes of the Red Army Choir. His questions are expected to cover a wide gamut of topics, all of which will surely appeal to members of the proletariat.

Arun is a prolific quizzer and an even more prolific quiz master. A number of you would remember him from his annual Avial Pursuit quiz. Even otherwise, I am pretty sure you’d remember him from three posts I’ve prepared in the last six months alone, inviting people to one or another of his quizzes. Please note that this is not a reflection on QFI’s paucity of QMs but rather on Arun’s prodigious ability to set questions and his enthu to conduct them for us. His quizzes have all been extremely well received and I do not expect this to be any different.

On a related note, if you are interested in setting a QF1 or team quiz for QFI, please do get in touch with us!

The venue is PS Senior, Mylapore, and the session will begin at 10 a.m. Full address and other details are at the bottom of this email. No fees or subscription or registration is necessary to take part. Just turn up on the day, for one or both of the quizzes, whether you want to participate or just watch.

For those unfamiliar with QFI Sunday formats, an explainer: The QF1 quiz is a solo written quiz, comprising around 30 questions. The team quiz is for teams of 3-5 people apiece, but all teams are formed by random allotment on the day, so there’s no need to form a team in advance. The QF1 quiz starts at 10 am. The team quiz starts at around 11:15-11:30 am.

QFI does issue annual subscriptions as well, but this is a purely optional way to support QFI and receive every one of its Sunday quizzes (and quiz fest quizzes) by email. If you wish to subscribe or renew your subscription, you can do so at one of the Sunday meetings or online at http://subscribe.quizfoundation.com. For 2018, our annual membership is a nominal Rs 1,000.

Details of the forthcoming Sunday quiz session:

Date – 15th July (Sunday)
Venue – PS Senior Secondary School, #33, Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore, Chennai 600004
Time – 10 AM

For any queries, please write to us at mail@quizfoundation.com
We hope to see you there!