As we were saying before we decided to “take an extended mid-season break” :

Put Funda – Just give us the name of the one man who connects them all

Raghuvansh & Bheema V got it right.

The Answer was Charles Saatchi

The connect is as follows:

The place is Saatchi Gallery.
The armless artist is Alison Lapper who was the model for Marc Quinn’s Alison Lapper Pregnant.
The “Shark in Formaldehyde” is Damien Hirst’s creation.
Marc Quinn & Damien Hirst are part of the core group of brit artists who were made famous thanks to Charles Saatchi.
Nigella Lawson (circa 1981) is the girl playing croquet (Source)
The cartoon has the words Nigella Lawson blanked out.
Nigella Lawson is Charles Saatchi’s 3rd wife.

7 thoughts on “518

  1. Uhmm.. Saatchi gallery, Damien Hirst’s shark-in-a-tank, Nigella Lawson… I’d say Charles Saatchi.

  2. I will go with Saatchi of Saatchi and Saatchi.

    This is long jump from the cartoon (evocative of Nigela Lawson, who was/is married to the Saatchi), and the Shark in Formaldehyde by Hirst (because I just vaguely remember Saatchi spending a lot of money buying Hirst’s work, possibly including the shark).

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