Just connect the 6 images and give us a 2 word answer.

Meki,Dinesh, Ashwin, AamAadmi & Woenvu got it right

The answer is Seven Sisters

The breakdown is (Clockwise from Left Top:
What we know as Gillette Castle was called Seven Sisters by William Gillette
The 7 studios were collectively called Seven Sisters
The Seven Sisters (Syv Systre) waterfall in Norway
The Chalk cliffs in Sussex are called Seven Sisters
The Painting “The Pleiades” (Seven Sisters) by Elihu Vedder
The Seven Sisters Rock Formation in the Valley of Fire State Park (Nevada,USA)

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  1. Seven Sisters – I don’t know the first two visuals. The rest are the major movie studios, the Pleiades, the chalk cliffs in Sussex and a waterfall in Norway all of which are known as seven sisters.

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