Daily Question – 91



‘Adidas by Stella McCartney’ is a special line from Adidas designed by Stella McCartney and the face (and body) of the line is the gorgeous Maria Kirilenko, shown wearing one of the dresses in Visual 2. Stella McCartney’s mom, Linda McCartney is the woman in Visual 1.

Cracked by only two of you – Raghuvansh and zizzyphus. Good job!

2 thoughts on “Daily Question – 91

  1. Dear Annachi,

    I am not much of a tennis man, as it does not involve much hacking or cutting – I prefer swinging aruvaals to swinging racquets.So I had to Google for an inordinately long time to get this.

    The tennis player is Maria Kirilenko, wearing a piece from adidas’ Stella McCartney collection, which she (meaning Maria) has been “the face” of for some time now. The other anni in the b/w photo with the flowers is Stella’s amma Linda. I admit, Linda anni should not have flummoxed me.

  2. Stella McCartney is the connect.
    1.Linda McCartney’s photograph just before her death.
    2.Maria Kirilenko.
    Maria Kirilenko’s adidas tennis outfits are designed by Stella McCartney, daughter of Linda McCartney.

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