Daily Question – 92

Today’s question comes from Anil Kumar.

Connect, with details.

AC Milan legend Alessandro ‘Billy’ Costacurta (Visual 2) got his nickname because he is one of the biggest fans of the basketball team Olympia Milano, who were sponsored by a fruit drink company called ‘Billy’ in the early 80s. As basketball teams in Italy were known by their sponsor names at the time, the name stuck on to him.

Cracked by just four of you! In order – vijaysarathy, Soda, Raghuvansh, and zizzyphus. Well done!

Only one person managed to get all seven answers right this week – Raghuvansh. Well done! So, presenting the 11th QFI Chennai Super King – Raghuvansh!

7 thoughts on “Daily Question – 92

  1. “Billy” – The player in pic is the legendary Alessandro “Billy” Costacurta. He got his nickname as he was an avid basketball fan and the the sponsor of the milanese basketball team,namely Olimpia Milano was Billy

  2. 1 is the logo an Italian Basketball team based in Milan.
    2 plays for AC Milan

    Connect – Adriano Galliani, owner of both

  3. Dear Annachi,

    I like this question! With help from my thambi to identify the player’s period of activity via the colour of his jersey collar – this is kaal-pandhu vilaiyattu veerar Alessandro Costacurta who was given chella-paeru Billy. This was due to the fact that he worshipped basketball club Olimpia Milano who were sponsored by some random freakcompany called Billy.

  4. The connect is Giorgio Armani as dress for Olimpia Milano as well as A.C.MILAN is designed by him.

    Anubhav Chatterjee

  5. Giorgio Armani, the president of the Olimpia Milano basketball team and Filippo Inzaghi , both are from the city of piacenza.

  6. Connect is Billy,nickname of Costacurta and sponsor of Olimpia Milano.
    1.Olimpia Milano
    2.Alessandro Costacurta
    Alessandro Costacurta is supporter of Olimpia Milano from his young age as he is a fan of Basketball and he got his nickname ‘Billy’ ,then sponsor of Olimpia Milano.

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