Daily Question – 67

Today’s question comes all the way from London, from Anjali Ramachandran, who used to be a QFI regular a few years ago, and is now married to another former QFI regular – Vikram Vasu. The two of them could in fact be the first couple ever formed at QFI. ‘Sujiv’, or ‘Rajumo’, didn’t happen until mid-2006. We think. And hope.

Slightly involved. Explain the connect.

Visual 1 shows the Men’s Madison event at the recent Olympics. The event gets its name from Madison Square Garden. Visual 2 is from the TV show ‘Mad Men’ which deals with a bunch of advertising guys, and the advertising industry in NYC was focused on madison Avenue, hence the term ‘MAD Men’. The original Madison Square Garden was located at the Northeast corner of Madison Square (Madison Ave. & 26th St.).

Cracked by 17 of you! In order – zizzyphus, Thejaswi Udupa, TKB, i’l_boy-fat_man, Raghuvansh, Sankhya, Suraj, Venkatesh S (Venky), anannyad, bobo, Prasanna, Sumo, Ashwin Kelkar, Crab urinal, ixo, Atul Mathew, and Ajay Parasuraman. Sumo and Sankhya were the only ones who had the complete answer but points have been given to anyone who said ‘Madison’ was the connect.

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  1. 1.Winners of Men’s Madison cycling in Beijing.
    2.Mad Men of Madison.
    So the connect is obviously Madison.

  2. Madison, the cycling event takes it’s name from Madison Square Garden, which is on Madison Avenue, where you’ll also find the Sterling Cooper ad agency and some Mad Men within it.

  3. Madison. Madison Track Cycling and a still from Mad Men – the (superb) TV series set in the world of 1970s advertising (Madison Avenue) and hence called Mad Men.

  4. Madison square garden – The first is Madison cycling named after the place and the second is the TV show “Mad men” named once again for the place.

  5. Madison Avenue is the advertising hub, hence the series Mad Men chronicling the lives of ad-men. Madison Avenue is named for Madison Square which lends its name to, among other things, the cycling event.

  6. The connect is the term “Madison”.

    The first is a pic of the Argentina Men’s cycling team in an event called the “Madison” – they won the gold at the Olympics this year. The event is named after Madison Square Gardens in New York where the idea of a two man team racing together, one at a time, was thought up by a cycling promoter.

    The second pic is of the TV series “Mad Men”. It is about people in the 1960s American advertising industry which is concentrated in Madison Avenue, NYC. “Mad” in the title comes from Madison Ave.

  7. The cycling event is the madison which is named after Madison Square Garden and the first Madison Square Garden was adjacent to Madison Avenue on which the TV drama Mad Men is set.

  8. The cyclists are Juan Curuchet and Walter Perez of Argentina who won the “Madison” track cycling event at the 2008 Olympics. The second photo shows the cast of “Mad Men” , which “takes place in the 1960s at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency on New York City’s Madison Avenue”. Connect is Madison?

  9. Madison / named after places in New York is the connection.

    That’s Madison cycling, a team event , named after Madison Square Garden in New York and a shot from the show “Mad Men” named after the happenings at an agency at Madison Avenue in New York.

  10. The first is the Cycling event called Madison Men, an event that originated from Madison Square Avenue. The second is the cast called Mad Men of Madison, a TV serial based on Madison Avenue, the hub of American advertising

  11. (Visual 1) Argentina’s Walter Perez, right, pulls Juan Curuchet the men’s Madison cycling final at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Thursday, July 19, 2007. Argentina won the gold medal. They also won the recent Olympic Men’s Madison gold at Beijing.

    (Visual 2) BBC 4 Drama, Mad Men. Ad men who work on Madison Ave.

    The connect: Madison?

  12. The Man with the golden arm??

    The show below is Mad Men – casting credits dedicated to Saul Bass who was also behind the credits of Man with the Golden Arm – The cyclist in front – The Man with the golden Arm? πŸ™‚

  13. ‘The Visible Hand’ by Alfred Chandler inspired ‘Mad Men’, the visual shown in 2. I am not sure about the connect with Cycling though πŸ™‚
    But their hands are definitely ‘Visible’! πŸ™‚

  14. The type of men’s bicycling racing in photo 1 – is called the Madison, named after Madison Square Garden. Which is at the corner of 8th Avenue and Madison in Manhattan, NY.

    The second visual is of the AMC series Mad Men which details the adventures of an Ad Agency in the 50s, Manhattan which was located in Madison Avenue.

    Connection, I am guessing is Madison Avenue, which is one of the reasons why Mad Men is also called Mad Men, M(adison)Ad(vertising) Men

    If this is the answer, damn good question. Why waste here?

  15. Ok, I had help from an American friend. But anyways. The first picture is an Olympic Cycling event called Madison. That was the easy part. The second picture is where my friend’s help came handy. It is apparently the cast of a TV series called “Mad Men”. The series is set in an advertising agency that is guess where – on Madision Avenue. So the connection is “Madison”.

  16. Juan Curuchet & Walter PΓ©rez
    @ the men’s Madison at the 2008 Olympics. Event named after Madison Square Garden in New York. Still from Mad Men which is set in an advertising agency on Madison Avenue. Also, only mad men and English dogs usually take part in a 200 lap race.

  17. Madison Racing – One cyclists propels his partner like a slingshot, name after madsion square garden
    Mad men – ad men from madison avenue

  18. 1. Madison
    2. Mad Men, set in New York City’s Madison Avenue

    Connect – Madison

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