Daily Question – 66

Easy one. Connect.

Food preparations named after the Australian Opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, the Peach Melba (Visual 1) and the Melba Toast (Visual 2).

16 of you gobbled up the question! In order – TKB, Sankhya, anil raghavan, Thejaswi Udupa, Sumo, Nitish, Arjun Rangarajan, shafeek, bobo, priyambad, Srini, giantrun, Aditya, Raghuvansh, li’l_boy-fat_man, and Crab urinal.

17 thoughts on “Daily Question – 66

  1. *Peach Melba* and the *Melba Toast*, both named after Dame Nellie Melba, the Australian soprano. Not very coincidentally, it appears that both were created by the same French chef Auguste Escoffier.

  2. Peach Melba & Melba Toast.
    Both named after opera singer Dame Nellie Melba & created by Chef Auguste Escofier

  3. Err…the connect wouldn’t happen to be singers named after comestibles, would it?

    Vanilla Ice and Meat Loaf

  4. Peach Melba and Melba Toast. Both named after Australian soprano Dame Nellie Melba by Escoffier of the Savoy in London.

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