Daily Question – 68

Today’s question comes from Gaurav Sundararaman…


Visual 1 shows Tom Cruise on the sets of ‘Tropic Thunder’, shooting for his much-hyped role as a fat, bald studio chief. The title of the movie is a play on ‘Tropic Lightning’, the nickname of the 25th Infantry Division which saw action during the Vietnam War, and the insignia of which is seen in Visual 2.

Cracked by 10 of you! In order – zizzyphus, Thejaswi Udupa, Goutham, Soda, Madhav, Raghuvansh, Ajay Parasuraman, anantha, Sankhya, and Crab urinal.

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  1. 1.Photo of Tom Cruise in a fat suit for film “Tropic Thunder”.
    2.US 25th Infantry Division Artillery insignia nicknamed “Tropic Thunder” and the connect is of course,”tropic thunder”.

  2. 1.Photo of Tom Cruise in a fat suit for film “Tropic Thunder”.
    2.US 25th Infantry Division Artillery insignia nicknamed “Tropic Lightning” and the title of the film is a play on the words “Tropic Lightning”

  3. Pic 1 – Paparazzi leak from last year of Tom Cruise’s cameo as a fat media mogul in Tropic Thunder

    Pic 2 – Insignia of the 25th Infantry that fought in Vietnam, nicknamed the ‘Tropic Lightning’

    The name Tropic Thunder is a reference to the 25th Infantry.

  4. The connect is the movie Tropic Thunder staring Tom Cruise as a baldy in a fat suit, with Rob Downey Jr, Ben Stiller and Jack Black in the main roles. Cruise acted in “Born on the 4th of July” in ’89 so I am guessing the second visual has something to do with an American Regiment in Vietnam.

  5. Tropic Thunder and Tropic Lightning. The first is Tom Cruise in the movie Tropic Thunder, the name is taken from the 25th Infantry division of the US army which was nicknamed Tropic Lightning, the badge of which is featured in the second pic.

  6. The above pic is that of Tom Cruise in the spoof movie Tropic Thunder while the lower pic is the emblem of the 25th infantry division nicknamed “Tropic Lightning”

  7. More connect

    The movie spoofs other movies including Platoon which in turn is based on the Vietnam War and involves the 25th infantry division (ie “Tropic Lightning”)

  8. The connect is the movie Tropic Thunder.

    Tom Cruise’s famed cameo appearance is the first pic. The movie takes its name from Tropic Lightning, the 25th Infantry Division of something. The second pic shows their logo.

  9. That is a leaked photo by “Inside Edition” of Tom Cruise while filming the movie Tropic Thunder. His role of a fat, balding man was supposed to be a surprise to the audiences.

  10. Is visual 1 Tom Cruise. He is supposedly doing a superhero flick Sleeper. The ‘lightning bolt’ might be on the character’s dress.

  11. “Donner Blitzen”, (tr. “Thunder and Lightning”) as the Germans would exclaim.

    The first is Thomas Fatso Mapother aka Cruise in “Tropic Thunder”, a movie based in “Vietnam”, but actually shot in Hawaii.

    The second is the logo of “Tropic Lightning”, nickname of the 25th infantry division which fought in Vietnam. The movie’s name is a play on this nickname.

  12. 1. Tom Cruise who makes a cameo in Tropic Thunder – which is a scene in the Vietnam War
    2. Tropic Lightning, nickname for the 25th Division in the Vietnam War.

    Connect – Vietnam War

  13. The first pic shows Tom cruise in a fat suit on the sets of the new movie “Tropic Thunder” which is about a group of actors in what they think is a war movie about Vietnam. And “Tropic Thunder” (the title) was a take off on a real-life battalion of the US Army whose nickname was “Tropic Lightning”.

  14. Tom Cruise and Tropic Thunder I guess. Connection might be that he acts in it, and that the part was kept majorly in secret. Or Sumner Redstone, the head of Paramount whom Tommy is truing kiss and make up with using that sexy naughty fatsuit.. lots of stuff. Whatchoo want?

  15. Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, which is a play on Tropic Lightning, nickname of the 25th Infantry Division, whose insignia is seen in the second visual.

  16. er,, well, tropic thunder? tom cruise in a fat suit in his cameo/role from the film..

    visual 2….insignia of the bunch?>

  17. Tom Cruise playing movie mogul Les Grossman in ‘Tropic Thunder’. The title is a play on “Tropic Lightning,” nickname of the 25th Infantry Division which did see action in Vietnam, whose shoulder sleeve insignia is the second visual.

  18. The pic on top is Tom Cruise (on the sets of Tropic Thunder). I am guessing the pic on bottom is the symbol for Sleeper – the super hero movie he is going to make?

  19. I didn’t see any mention of Tropic lightning, 25th Infantry serving in WW2 , or Korea, and at present in Iraq. SERVED WITH DISTINCTION!

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