Daily Question – 56


Visual 2 shows Hamid and Halil Altintop, twin brothers who represent Turkey and Visual 1 shows a young David Beckham. ‘Altintop’ translates to ‘Golden Ball’ and as there are two of them, it could be taken to mean ‘Golden Balls’, which is also David Beckham’s nickname.

Cracked by only two of you! Great work, ganesh and zizzyphus!!

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  1. 1.David Beckham
    2.Hamit And Halil Altintop-Identical twins
    Beck’s nickname “golden Balls” and Altintop in turkey means “golden balls”

  2. David Beckham and Altintop identical twins are shown in the picture.
    The connect is “Golden Balls” which is how Elton John greeted Beckham which is also his nickname and Altintop translates to “Golden Ball” since u have shown two Altintops it translates to “Golden Balls”

  3. The second picture is Hamit and Halil Altintop. The first one is probably Erwin and Helmut Kremers.

    Connect (long shot): Identical twins who played for “FC Schalke 04” in the Bundesliga.

  4. That’s young David Beckham in the first pic, as confirmed by Google. And those are the Altintop brothers from Turkey.

    But what’s the connection?!!

  5. They are Turkish Twins Hali & Hamit Altintop. The Schalke 04 jersey makes it a give away. I guess the top pictures are their young age photos

  6. Visual 1 is of David Beckham as a kid…
    Visual 2 is of Hamit and Halil Altintop who are both turkish footballers…

    Cant think of a connection except for the spat that Beckham had with turkish footballer Alpay Ozalan during the Euro 2004 qualifier against Turkey

  7. twins playing for the same team.
    hamit n halil altintop for schalke
    the other pair may be the waugh twins or the de boer twins…

  8. Frank and Ronald de Boer (Ajax, Netherlands)
    Hamit and Halil Altinop (Schalke, Turkey)

    Identical twins who played together for a country and club.

  9. the first is a photo of kid David Beckham.. and the second are the Altintop brothers (Halil and Hamit).. Don’t have any idea on what connects.. part points??

  10. Identical twins to have played for the same club and country
    The Altintops
    The first maybe young de Boers

  11. Twins who represented their countries in international sports et al

    guessing that the top duo are the Waugh twins Pretty certain the bottom two are the Altintop twins from the Turkish football team….

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