Daily Question – 55

Before we get to today’s question, first an announcement:

The Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai is hosting the second edition of ‘Successful Women in Management (SWIM)’, an initiative to create awareness among women about essential traits required to assume leadership roles in different walks of life. The event strives to empower women by providing an opportunity to interact and draw inspiration from eminent personalities. As part of the proceedings, there will be a quiz.

This quiz will be a general quiz with a tilt towards women. Teams of maximum three members each, with only one condition. Every team has to have at least one woman.

The official page for the SWIM 2008 event is available here. Scroll to the bottom of the page for information about the quiz and how to register. Fantastic cash prizes on offer, with Rs. 20,000 for the winning team, and many other prizes as well. So, don’t miss this quiz for any reason!! The details are as follows:

Time: 02:00 p.m (prelims) and 03:00 p.m (finals), Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Quizmaster: Vinod Ganesh

Venue: Hotel Green Park, Vadapalani, Chennai

And now for today’s question, which comes to us from a man whose quizzing conquests include every quiz that’s ever been conducted in India, except one – The Odyssey Quiz. But that’s only because he is one of the quizmasters there. He now resides in Mumbai, but for a long time, liked to spend his Sunday mornings thrashing Chennai quizzers. One of the best quizzers in the country, Rajiv Rai.


Visuals 1 and 2 show the ‘LongPen’, a device that can be used to sign books from faraway locations. It was invented by Margaret Atwood (Visual 2).

Cracked by 23 of you! In order – Sharath, ganesh, zizzyphus, TKB, Thejaswi Udupa, Andy, Dinesh, Ashwin, anannyad, Priya, ba_ku_69, Udatta, philip, Venkatesh S (Venky), bobo, Mc Neill Ivan S, Giantrun, li’l_boy-fat_man, Chandrakant Nair, Ranjana Ninan, Gokul, anil raghavan, and Mario.

23 thoughts on “Daily Question – 55

  1. Margaret Artwood invented the LongPen which is used by authors for signing books virtually, but with real pen and ink.

  2. Canadian Writer Margaret Atwood invention
    LongPen,a tele-remote device that enables authors to give readings and do book signings without being physically present.

  3. LongPen,a device that helps writers to do book signings without being there and is idea of
    Canadian Writer Margaret Atwood.

  4. Margaret Atwood, too lazy to attend book signing tours makes her presence felt virtually felt using a contraption like the one seen in the first picture, and does the signing with a ‘robotic hand’ called LongPen which would roughly resemble the one seen in the second picture.

  5. Margaret Atwood and the Longpen. There was a clue in the first visual – the name of the firm manufacturing the LongPen desktop is visible.

  6. Margaret Atwood’s idea to have a robotic arm sign her signature exactly the same way she would so that she wouldn’t need to go on book tours.

  7. Longpen, the remote signing device and the associated high tech gadgets, thanks to Margaret Atwood

  8. Margaret Atwood inventor of the Long Pen so that she didn’t have to autograph her own books

  9. LongPen (www.longpen.com)

    “Invented by acclaimed author Margaret Atwood, LongPen™ is the world’s first long distance, real pen and ink signing device – perfect for connecting writers, athletes, and musicians with their fans. “

  10. The person in the photo is the author Margaret Atwood. The photos above are of the ‘LongPen’, a device recently used by her to remotely sign her new books.

  11. Margaret Atwood has invented something called the LongPen apparently, which will help her do book signings remotely through a video interface and using a robotic hand!

  12. Margaret Atwood (Pic 3) using LongPen (Pic 2) to sign books from remote place (probably her home) through a computer (pic 1)

  13. The Long Pen invented by author Margaret Atwood for long distance signatures. The kiosk and the robot arm that signs.

  14. Margaret Atwood n d LongPen..

    Pic 1 – the terminal @ sender’s end
    Pic 2 – robotic arm @ receiver’s end
    Pic 3 – Atwood herself

  15. Margaret Atwood´s company Unotchit has developed the LongPen that gives an intimate experience of being able to sign documents from long-distance.Similar to the concept of Telepresence that gives the impression of physical presence.

  16. Is this a trick question?

    Margaret Atwood(writer) invented longpen which is a gizmo which allows remote book signings.

    The url in the 1st picture was a dead giveaway.

  17. teleautogrph
    margaret atwood devised the longpen to sign autographs for distant booklovers

  18. The connect is longpen.
    A user can sign from afar via the internet using longpen.
    The lady in the 3rd pic is Margaret Atwood – author and inventor of longpen.
    And unotchit are the makers of longpen.

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