Daily Question – 54

Whose statue is this?

European-looking guy, Chinese lettering on the pedestal. Who else? Marco Polo.

Cracked by 22 of you! In order – Thejaswi Udupa, TKB, ganesh, Ashwin, zizzyphus, Gaurav, anannyad, Rajagopal, Venkatesh S (Venky), Mouli, Suraj, philip, citybank(rupt), Aamaadmi, li’l_boy-fat_man, Mario, harsha, Rohan, Rajiv Rai, anil raghavan, Sharath, and BoFi.

25 thoughts on “Daily Question – 54

  1. Damn…been a long time! Stupid Texas summer…

    Westerner´s statue with chinese script…

    Marco Polo perhaps 😀

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