Daily Question – 43

Portrait of whom, by whom?

Portrait of Claude Monet, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Cracked by 19 people! In order – Thejaswi Udupa, Ram Kumar, Diwakar Pingle, Vivek Cheriyan, ganesh, Giantrun, Thomas Masun, Ashwin, Akila, Vikram788, Mc Neill Ivan S, Rajiv Rai, anil raghavan, citybank(rupt), Apurva, Rohan, BoFi, malcaluffin, and CR.

21 thoughts on “Daily Question – 43

  1. Renoir’s painting of the Monet from France, an ancestor of the Monet from Mattancherry

  2. Dear Uncle:

    By peering closely at the painting, I could see that it was signed “Renoir.” I thus boldly guess that the painter is Renoir. From the beard, I guess it must be Claude Monet. (If it had been just a moustache, of course, I would have guessed James Joyce.)

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  3. thomas must have answered this before me as i just heard an interesting anecdote from him . He said that his mom was next to him when this question came up and she said this with a mattancherry malu accent “yenda mone, dont you know this?”. And then Thomas’ neurons fired and he quickly type Monet by Renoir.

  4. I’ll go out on a limb here – is this some portrait of Dorian Gray? By, well, Oscar Wilde himself?!! Give me points for imagination.

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