Daily Question – 42

Where, specifically, would you find this shop? What is its claim to fame?

The Travel Bookshop in Notting Hill, London. Featured famously in the movie ‘Notting Hill.

Cracked by 12 of you! In order – Vivek Cheriyan, Thejaswi Udupa, Thomas Masun, Anannya Deb, TKB, ganesh, Akila, Ashwin, Guneet, Giantrun, Ram Kumar, and Vivek.

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  1. Notting Hill. This is the bookstrore which specializes in travel writing and is owned by the character played by Hugh Grant in the movie of the same title.

  2. Dear Uncle:

    Sorry for being absent yesterday. I would have forged a sick-leave letter, but I thought it better to just leave it to my suppurating pus-filled boils to tell you the whole story.

    This is the Travel Bookstore in Notting Hill. This was made famous as Hugh Grant’s bookstore in the movie “Notting Hill.”

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  3. This is The Travel Bookshop, Bleinhem Crescent, Notting Hill, London.

    People say it became famous because of the film but more likely that the character of Hugh Grant running a travel shop (a set created similar to TB) in Notting Hill was based on the popularity of this shop amongst the cognoscenti – it gave Hugh Grant a nice commoner touch to his character as against other options that included running a cafe, art gallery and the like.

  4. When I was in London…
    This is the Travel Bookshop in Notting Hill that was also the inspiration for the setting of the movie movie Notting Hill

  5. Its actually Travel Bookshop aka Hugh Grant Bookshop in Notting Hill featured in the movie “Notting hill”.

  6. Just want to re frame my answer…..

    The Travel Bookshop, located in Notting Hill, London. Claim to fame was that it was te inspiration for the bookstore of the same name in the movie Notting Hill.

  7. Just in case you don’t give me points..

    Where? Notting Hill
    Why famous? Inspiration/Setting for the bookstore in “Notting Hill”


  8. This is the bookstore @ Columbia Univ where the bookstore scenes of Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind were filmed.
    The location is easy to id as typical of Columbia, there is only one person in the bookstore as rest of the kids are awy partying like some alumni and current students that i know

  9. Travel bookstore
    Notting Hill, London

    Made famous by the movie “Notting Hill”

  10. OK, Here is a wild guess. The circular wall hanging seems to have the letters “F” and “O” on them. So this store is probably in Paris, France and contains all the travel books Fodor’s ever published and is categorized by region (evidene the board saying Asia, Americas, Africa, Australasia etc…)

  11. Dear Sir,
    When I was in London, I was walking down Portobello Road in Notting Hill when I saw a bookstore that resembled a travel bookstore that I saw in a movie called Notting Hill. Upon enquiry, I learnt that this particular bookstore served as the inspiration for that particular bookstore. I immediately rushed into the store but sadly, Julia Roberts Madam was not there. Just some hairy old hag. Was disappointed. Quite disappointed. Very disappointed
    Thanking You
    Yours sincerely
    Ram Kumar

  12. Sir,
    Also, I would liked to add that I saw another Indian fellow taking a picture similiar to the one you see above. That fellow suddenly disappeared into a room at the back with the above mentioned hairy old hag thinking she was Julia Roberts Madam and did not come out for several minutes. Only strange grunting and moaning noises came out. Then that fellow came out looking tired and disturbed, in more ways than one. As a matter of fact, in retrospective, that fellow looked exactly like you with the difference being he was wearing a blue shirt and you wear red ones
    Thanking You
    Yours sincerely
    Ram Kumar

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