Daily Question – 41


The connection is the Typhoon Kalmaegi (Visual 2) which was earlier named Helen (Visual 1) by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and later assigned the name ‘Kalmaegi’, which was submitted by North Korea and is the Korean word for ‘seagull’ (Visual 3).

Cracked by 8 of you! In order – CR, Guneet, Akila, Thejaswi Udupa, Mouli, complicateur, TKB and ganesh.

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  1. The Pacofic typhoon Helen also know as typhoon Kalmaegi. Kalmaegi means Seagull in Korean.

  2. I am inclined to think that the connection is Burma, sorry Myanmar. Not very sure how.
    a) Is Helen who has some Burmese connection
    b) The second photo is of the cyclone that recently ravaged Burma
    c) The third photo may be of some crane species found in the Irrawaddy Delta Region – Wild guess.

  3. got it!!(I think)

    Depression Helen, Upgraded to tropical storm kalmaegi(Korean for seagull) later upgraded to typhoon Kalmaegi….

  4. Typhoon Kalmaegi (meaning Seagull) also known as Helen.

    Helen, Typhoon, Seagull are the pictures.

  5. The first photo is that of the actress “Helen” second is that of the cyclone “Helen” which is called “Kalmeagi” bu North Korea. “Kalmeagi” means seagull in Korean.

  6. your questions are too tough. i thought the first photo was Helen and the second was Cyclone Nargis. Immediately Burma comes to mind. But what to do with the seagull in the third visual!

  7. Visual 1 – actress Helen
    Visual 3 – seagull..
    Visual 2 – some tropical cyclone?
    What I could think of – There was a tropical cyclone named Helen in Darwin, Australia. Can’t connect it to seagull though…Thought of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull..Can’t connect the other two…So give up!:)

  8. Hurricane Helen and an Albatross.

    Cud that satellite image be an “albatross eye view” of the

    I cudn’ve have got dumber than this..

  9. Hurricane Helen and an Albatross.

    Cud that satellite image be an “albatross eye view” of the

    I cudn’ve got dumber than this..

  10. Helen – First hurricane of 2008 Hurrican Helen – Latest Hurricane of 2008 Kalmaegi meaning Seagull in Korean.

  11. Connect is Helen?
    1. Actress/Vamp Helen
    2. Tropical storm Helen also called Kalmaegi
    3. Kalmaegi is the Korean word for Seagull

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