Daily Question – 21

A version of a famous work, supposedly displayed as its creator had originally intended. The more familiar original is displayed in a slightly different manner. Identify the work and its creator.

‘Les Bourgeois De Calais’ or ‘The Burghers Of Calais’ by Auguste Rodin. This replica at Stanford University is displayed so because Rodin supposedly wanted “the sculpture to be at street level and for the citizens of Calais to be able to mingle with their ancestors”. The original is in Calais and looks like this:

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  1. Burghers of Calais- Auguste Rodin. (Wiki says this particular one is at Stanford Univ)

  2. This is either the Burghers of Calais or the Beggars of Chennai when the Buggers of Bangalore decided they were gonna screw their happiness and not send them Cauvery water to water their lawns.

  3. When I had gone to Palo Alto , Thomas Masun sent an sms to my Iphone asking me to go to Stanford University to pick up the freshmen admission forms as he was planning to apply there for a summer course. It was there that i saw this version of the Burghers of Calais by Rodin.

  4. Auguste Rodin and The Burghers of Calais…

    The difference between this one & the one in the Rodin museum @ Paris is that this one is 6 separate statues & the one in Paris is one single base with all 6 people clustered together…

    Wiki Says that this one is displayed in the way Rodin wanted it to be so that junta can walk around ( and between the statues ) and take a good look at the work … At Stanford Univ …

  5. the burghers of calais.rodin. no idea where this is. but the original is in london I think =)

    p.s. the comment form has a life of its own. If thii is a bug, I’d like to be smug and point that out.

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