Daily Question – 20

What had just happened?

U.S. President James Garfield had just been shot by Charles Guiteau. He would go on to die 80 days later because of complications arising from the shooting.

21 of you had the right answer! In order – Sankhya, zizzyphus, Thomas Masun, BoFi, The Clueless Anon, anannyad, DP, vijaysarathy, Manish Mani, anon-on-narkotix, citibak(rupt), Vishal, Ashwin Prabhu, Srinivasan Rajagopal, Mani, Thejaswi Udupa, Arun.A.S, bobo, Gaurav, kasthuri and CR. Good cracks!

25 thoughts on “Daily Question – 20

  1. President James Garfield with James Blaine after being shot by Charles Guiteau depicted in engraving from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper.

  2. Dear Uncle:

    Bad Uncle Charles Guiteau has just shot Named-After-A-Cartoon-Cat Uncle James Garfield. In the background, far left, you can see Uncle Alexander Graham Bell thinking: “Fuck, now I have to work faster on the metal detector.”

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  3. Pres Garfield being shot by Guiteau

    So are we doing the assassinations in chronological order then? One must check up on Mckinley…

  4. Assassination of James Garfield, Prez of US, 1881, in the spine (bearded fellow holding his back)

  5. Lots of things may have happened.
    1.Someone told the bearded gentleman that Thomas Masun did not win the Kochi open and he fainted.
    2. Charles Gaiteau just shot Prez garfield

  6. Wiki says – An engraving of James A. Garfield’s assassination, published in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper.

  7. James Garfield holding his back after Charles Guiteau shot him… This was the famous bullet stuck in his spine for which Alexander Graham Bell invented the metal detector…

  8. An opportunity had just been created for Alexander Graham Bell to test his metal detector, and make a fool of himself thanks to a metal bed frame.

    In other words, Guiteau had just shot Garfield.

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