Daily Question – 10

Which movie’s poster is this? And what has it (the poster) been inspired by?

The movie was ‘De Taali’, which was released just yesterday. The poster is a direct inspiration from the poster for the 2004 movie ‘Closer’. Take a ‘closer’ look:

Not as high scoring as the last few questions, maybe because no one has caught on to the inspiration and put it up on Wikipedia yet! The only people to get the complete answer were sai, Srinivasan Rajagopal, Nitish, BoFi and Thomas Masun, who seems to have enjoyed ‘Closer’ immensely. Give yourselves a pat on the back! Apart from them, CR and bobo recognized the inspiration but didn’t get De Taali, and this blog is a strict quizmaster.

22 thoughts on “Daily Question – 10

  1. Dear Uncle:

    This fine, fine, fine movie is “De Taali,” with that incredible thespian Riteieish Deishmuekh. The poster was inspired by “Closer,” which features a fine, fine, fine pondy scene involving Natalie Portman as a stripper.

    My turn to now leave for some “happy time.”

    Kind regards
    Thomas Masun

  2. Looks like a mashup between the poster for Closer and a toothpaste commercial

    Had no idea what the movie was, but IMDBs page on Takia pointed me to De Taali…which does not sound much like Closer if truth be told, so I am guessing the movie is about toothpaste…

  3. The movie is De Taali, supposedly inspired by Dawson’s Creek. Dunno what the poster is inspired by.

  4. De Taali has been inspired by Dawson’s Creek, which was aired some 9 years ago.

  5. De Taali – googled for the inspiration but guess not yet mastered the art 🙁

  6. I will attempt only the part that is up my alley- The movie poster is “inspired” from Closer. I don’t know any of these chappies to check the Hindi movie in Google also..

  7. movie name: De Taali, I am sure no points for that one!

    poster based on: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

  8. Movie is De Taali and i think the poster has something to do with the serial ‘Dawsons Creek’

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