Daily Question – 11

The first three visuals show the last three holders of a certain record in the European Football Championships. The person in the fourth visual holds the same record in the FIFA World Cup. Identify all the players and which record are we talking about?

The fourth visual showed Alessandro Del Piero, who holds the record for the latest goal in a FIFA World Cup match with his goal against Germany in the 2006 semi-final, scored in injury time after extra time (120′ + 1′). The first visual showed Dieter Muller who held the same record for the Euros with his 119th minute goal against Yugoslavia in 1976. His 32-year old record was equalled the day before yesterday when Ivan Klasnic (Visual 2) scored for Croatia in the 119th minute against Turkey. However, the record was broken just over a minute later when Semih Senturk (Visual 3) equalised for Turkey in injury time (120′ + 1′).

Full points to Aamaadmi, BoFi and Thomas Masun, all of whom had extremely clear and well-framed answers. Well done!! Diwakar Pingle, Paulie, karthik, and Rey de Vaqueiros got the record but failed to identify one or two of the visuals. No points for saying ‘people who scored in extra time, last minute of extra time’ etc. because that is not a specific record.

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  1. Dear Uncle,

    SUCH a nice funda! You should have saved it for the QFI Open. I wonder why you didn’t. Perhaps you were afraid of being lynched in public.

    Anyway, this question is so easy even a XIth standard boy knows it. The record is the “LATE-est” goal. Alessandro del Piero scored after the 120th minute of the WC semi against Germany (end of extra time). I personally told a friend this when we discussed the match.

    In yesterday’s Euro game, Turkey and Croatia were nil-nil after 90 mins, played extra time, and Ivan Klasnic scored in the 119th minute, beating Dieter Muller’s 1976 record (also 119th minute but slightly earlier.) But his record stood for less than a minute as Semih Senturk of Turkey scored in the 120th to tie the match again.

    Kind Regards,
    Thomas Masun

  2. latest goals i.e. extra time types in Euro. No 2 is klasnic and No 3 is Senturk. No 4 is Del Piero who did something similar with a last kick in 2006 world cup against germany. Do not know who 1 is though looks like some english (or german) player.

  3. 1st visual-
    2nd visual- Ivan Klasnik
    3rd Visual-Semih Senturk
    4th-Del piero

    My guess is last to score in added time in the championship.

  4. 2nd and 3rd are Klasnic and Semih of Croatia and Turkey, respectively. So the record should be of scoring the most late goal. The fourth one is Del Piero. Is that Gerd Muller in the first pic?

    Some part points please, Saar?

  5. The players are Dieter Muller, Ivan Klasnic, Semih Senturk and Del Piero (plus a few kickass umlauts, accents and general typography porn)

    Since you have both Klasnic and Semih, I am guessing this is the record for the latest goal scored from kickoff in a match. Muller (claims wiki) seems to have scored one in the 119th minute versus Yugoslavia in 1976, Klasnic scored one in the 120th minute today, and Semih got one long after the final whistle should have blown…

    Keeping with the theme, I am guessing Del Piero gets in because of the goal which he scored against the Germans in the semis in 2006, which I remember was after Grosso´s goal, so must have been around the 120min mark. Can´t recall him scoring one later than that.

  6. Goal Scorers in the last minute of extra time – Ivan Klasnic and Semih Senturk who scored in the 119/120th minutes yesterday (no idea about the first guy); Sir Alex did it in the WC 2006 semi-final.

  7. ok this has something to do with goals in extra time. i’ll go for “person to score the latest goal” (latest in terms of match time).

    11c – semih senturk – scored in the 122nd minute of yesterday’s game, giving him the euro record.

    11d – alessandro del piero – scored in injury time of extra time in world cup semis (2006)

    no clue about 11a and 11b

  8. The record is for the ‘latest goal’ in a game, meaning how close to the final whistle the goal was scored.

    First image is of Ger Muller – he scored in the 119th minute in 1976 euro against Yugoslavia.

    Second is Ivan Klasnic in yesterday’s game against Turkey. His record lasted all of 2 minutes or so, after Semi Senturk (3rd image) equalised for Turkey in the 122nd minute.

    Del Piero holds the record for World Cups, having scored a goal 8 seconds from the end (119th minute) against Germany in 2006.

  9. Last minute goals at the European Championships)

    1-Gerd Muller (119th minute)
    2-Ivan Klasnic
    4-Alessandro Del Piero (against Germany in 2006)

  10. I guess this question is a result of yesterday’s match.

    The record/connection is scoring a goal in the dying seconds i.e latest goal in an international match(tournament).
    Nice try to make the qn tough by displaying pictures of players with the club jerseys (of WB & Fenerbache respectively)

    The first is the ‘April Fool’ Dieter Muller who scored on the last minute in the SF of 1976 as a part of his famous hat-trick as a substitute.
    Second is Ivan Klasnic; Third one is Semih Senturk;
    The last one is Del Piero

  11. Dieter Muller, Ivan Klasnic, Semih Senturk, Allesandro del Piero.

    And based on yesterday’s match – people who scored in extra time, after having come in as substitutes earlier in the match.

  12. Again, I would not have attempted a football question ever but this one I have a guess for. (C) is Semih Senturk who I saw scoring in injury time of extra time yesterday against Croatia in that great game. And (D) is Del Piero who scored against Germany in the 2006 world cup similarly.

    Answer is goal scoring in injury time of extra time like 120’+x’. I don’t know (A) or (B)

  13. maximum number of matches as a substuitute, in EURO championsips for the first 3 and the world cup for del Piero?

  14. damn; didn’t recognize that B is klasnic! somehow kept thinking he’s schweinsteiger (isn’t there a resemblance?) and kept googling for schweinsteiger’s extra time goals!

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