Daily Question – 9

Before we get to today’s question, first an announcement:

It’s time for the next QFI meeting, and it will be held this coming Sunday at P.S.! This meeting will have two quizzes, one by Srinivasan Rajagopal a.k.a Fing, who is one of the small handful of people to have won both the Landmark and the Odyssey quizzes, and the other by Harish, who recently won the Chennai edition of the Times Motorsports Quiz. It promises to be loads of fun, so don’t miss it for any reason!! The details are as follows:

Time: 10:00 a.m, Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quizmasters: Fing and Harish

Venue: P.S. Senior Secondary School, No. 33, Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore, Chennai 600004

And now for today’s question, which comes to you from Gopal Kidao.

This is the poster for the last performance of Laura Keene, a famous Anglo-American actress. It was also a benefit night for her. The question has three parts to it. What was being performed? Where was the show held? And who was the special guest that night?

The three parts of the answer were (a) The play ‘Our American Cousin’ by Tom Taylor, (b) Ford’s Theatre, Washington and (c) Abraham Lincoln. This was the fateful night of his assassination.

34 of you took your best shots at the question and all of you hit the bullseye!

34 thoughts on “Daily Question – 9

  1. Special guest – Abraham Lincoln
    attending “Our American Cousin” @ Ford’s theatre

  2. Ford Theater…Our American Cousin…Lincoln

    Although a bit of a Janet Jackson seems to be happening here…

  3. Abe Lincoln was assassinated during the performance of “Our American Cousin” @ Fords Theater Washington.

  4. Laura Keene was performing Our American Cousin.

    It was performed on the night of Assasination of Abraham Lincoln.
    It was performed on Ford’s Theatre Maryland.
    John Wilkes Booth Killed Abe Lincoln on that day

  5. Our American Cousin, the Ford Theatre and Abe Lincoln respectively…

  6. Ford Theatre, Our American Cousin, Lincoln

    The date makes it too easy, but if you mask that there is nothing obvious in it either ….

  7. our american cousin, ford’s theatre, and that bearded chappie who was challenged to a brawl in fight club.

  8. The play “Our American Cousin” was being performed at Ford’s theater and Abraham Lincoln was the guest of honor

  9. Our American Cousin at Ford’s theatre,Abraham Lincoln watched her last show.

  10. Abraham Lincoln was shot in his head at Ford’s theatre while watching “Our American Cousin”.

  11. Play – Our American Cousin
    Venue – Ford’s Theatre
    Special Guest – Abraham Lincoln

  12. The play ‘Our American Cousin’ held at Ford’s Theatre with Abraham Lincoln as the special guest. The date in the ad Apr 14th 1865 is a giveaway.

  13. I googled to see Laura’s face and if the ans is what i think it is, then Gopal saare, kidilan q ! 🙂

    Venue – Ford’s Theatre
    Our American Cousin by Tom Taylor was being performed.
    Chief Guest – Abe Lincoln

  14. What: Our American Cousin
    Where: Ford theater
    Spl. Guest: Abraham Lincoln+wife
    Cast: John Wilkes Booth

  15. I think this is Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. So the guest in question was him. Don’t know the location or the play.

  16. Our American Cousin
    Ford’s Theater
    Abraham Lincoln

    the play watching which Lincoln was shot.

  17. What was being performed? Our American Cousin

    Where was the show held? Ford’s Theatre

    Special guest? Abe Lincoln

  18. our American cousin was the play being performed at Ford’s theatre, the guest being abraham lincoln which turned out 2 b his last one.

  19. 1.America Cousin
    2.Ford’s Theatre Wash D.C
    3. Abe Lincoln, who was assasinated during the play.

  20. The show was a play called “Our American Cousin” featuring Laura Keene. It was being held at Ford Theatre, Washington D.C. The special guest was President Abraham Lincoln who was incidentally assasinated during the play.

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