Daily Question – 2

Some people say that his brain works faster than Chacha Chaudhary’s, and that whenever he┬álets a quiz question pass, a volcano erupts somewhere in the universe. All we know is, his name is Thomas Masun and he wants to ask you this question:

Which artist won a Grammy Award for this album? And for what exactly did he/she win it?

The album was ‘Speaking in Tongues’, by the Talking Heads.

The American artist Robert Rauschenberg, who passed away recently, won the ‘Best Album Package’ Grammy Award in 1984 for designing the cover of the limited edition album.

After our generosity with Google-able keywords in the first question, yesterday came as a bit of a toughie, I think. Harrysh and Ram Kumar were almost there, but vijaysarathy was the only one who got it fully right. Well done!

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