Daily Question – 1

He currently plays for Queens Park Rangers in the Coca-Cola English Football League Championship. His popular nickname is derived from his name as a pun on a common phrase. What is his name, and his nickname?

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Name: Fitz Hall, Nickname: ‘One Size’, Phrase: “One Size Fits All”

Attempted by 22, and cracked by 21. It appears one size fits most, if not all.

25 thoughts on “Daily Question – 1

  1. Expected Mensa to start off with a football question and he has – will be surprised if anyone gets it – nice answer though when you hear it!!!

    Fitz Hall is the guy and nickname is “One Size” – one size fits (h)all types…

  2. Fitz Hall, n the nickname is
    “One Size”, as in One Size fits all..

  3. “One size” Fitz Hall

    Requesting permission to lodge protest against the fact that the first football question does not concern the Arsenal!

  4. Google ammavan says his nick is “One Size” a pun on “One size fits all”.

  5. The player is Fitz Hall

    nicknamed “One Size” from the phrase “One Size Fits All”

  6. He is Fitz Hall whose nickname is “One Size”, as a pun on the phrase ‘One Size Fits All’.

    Sudip K Dey

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