Daily Question – 75

Today’s question comes from Meera Krishnaswamy, a long time QFI member, and former semi-finalist on ‘Mastermind India’ (Topics: ‘Friends, the TV show – Seasons 1-6’ and ‘Indian Test Victories Abroad’). A notable feature of her Mastermind adventure was that she scored a perfect 20/20 in her specialized subject round on ‘Friends’, answering blinders such as ‘What is Joey’s last name?’….

Daily Question – 48

Today’s question comes from Harish Swaminathan, one of Chennai’s leading college quizzers, and most recently winner of the KQA ASKQANCE College Quiz. Identify all of them. Who would best complete this list, and why? Charles Bannerman (Visual 1), Billy Murdoch (Visual 2) and Andy Sandham (Visual 3) scored the first single, double and triple centuries…