Daily Question – 48

Today’s question comes from Harish Swaminathan, one of Chennai’s leading college quizzers, and most recently winner of the KQA ASKQANCE College Quiz.

Identify all of them. Who would best complete this list, and why?

Charles Bannerman (Visual 1), Billy Murdoch (Visual 2) and Andy Sandham (Visual 3) scored the first single, double and triple centuries in Test Cricket. The person who would complete the list, by virtue of having scored the first quadruple century, is West Indies legend Brian Lara.

10 of you cracked it! In order – Arjun Rangarajan, Varun, Thejaswi Udupa, Lord Labak Das, vijaysarathy, Thomas Masun, Aamaadmi, citybank(rupt), Rajesh M, and Chandrakant Nair.

14 thoughts on “Daily Question – 48

  1. Charles Bannerman, Billy Murdoch, Andy Sandham, and to complete the list would be Brian Lara. The firsts to score 100, 200, 300, and 400 respectively in Test cricket.

  2. Charles Bannerman-First ton
    Billy Murdoch-First Double
    Andy Sandham-First Triple

    BRIAn CHARLES LARA! First Quadruple!!!

  3. Nice question 🙂

    Charles Bannerman, Billy Murdoch, Andy Sandham.

    Brian Lara would complete the list.

    First to reach 100, 200, 300, 400.

  4. charles bannerman, billy murdoch, don bradman … highest scores by australians .. matt haydos will follow

  5. Charles Bannerman,Billy Murdoch and Andy Sandham and man left out is Tip Foster,Highest individual Test score changing hands over the years.

  6. Charles Bannerman, Bill Murdoch, Andy Sandham.

    The next one would be Brian Lara’s 400*.

  7. Visual 1 – Charles Bannerman
    Visual 2 – Billy Murdoch
    Visual 3 – RE Foster
    The list pertains to progression of highest individual scores in test cricket. Bannerman (165), Billy Murdoch (211) and RE Foster (287).
    The one who would follow these three cricketers in this list would be Andy Sandham who scored 325 (test cricket’s first triple hundred) against West Indies in 1929-30.

  8. These guys scored the first century, double century and triple century
    Charles Bannerman, Bill Murdoch and Andy Sandham.
    Lara completes the list with the first 400.

  9. Dear Uncle:

    The three gentlemen are Charles Bannerman (first Test centurion), Billy Murdoch (first Test double centurion), and Andy Sandham (first Test triple centurion).

    Brian Lara (first Test quadruple centurion) would complete the list.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  10. It’s amazing to see how the same question comes in different forms 🙂
    Charlie Bannerman & Andy Sandham are identifiable. I am guessing the middle one is Billy Murdoch b’cos of obvious reasons.
    Hence the connection would be the first scorers of hundred, double hundered, triple hundred & therefore this leads to the first quadraple centurion Brian Lara

  11. Progression of highest score by an Austalian in Test cricket. First guy is Charles Bannerman, Second is Billy Murdoch, then Don Bradman. The next one should ideally be Mark Taylor

  12. charles bannerman, bill murdoch and andrew sandham . scored first 100, 200 and 300 in test cricket respectively
    lara is the missing one

  13. Pic 1 – Charles Bannerman – 1st hundred in test cricket
    Pic 2 – Billy Murdoch – 1st double hundred in test cricket
    Pic 3 – Andy Sandham – 1st triple hundred in test cricket

    So , d person in question is Brian Lara for his knock of 400*

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