QFI Ender Bender 2019

The Wee Company(Formerly known as “WeQFI”)

Our Story:

Wee is a community quiz company committed to maximum global impact. Our mission is to elevate the world’s consciousness, but also to try to start quizzes on time. (The latter is more difficult.) Technology is at the foundation of our global platform, as can be seen in the Powerpoint decks that run our quizzes. Over the past decade or so, Wee has rapidly scaled the “Ender Bender”TM product — a holistic platform for members to work, live and grow quiz, drink and eat for a full day. Wee has incorporated cutting-edge services into this product: beer supplements, infinite pounce (Patent held by: Boat Club Quiz Club, Pune), randomized teams (Patent held by: WeQFI), an air of informality, and snacks. Our “Ender Bender”TM platform benefits from our members, who individually bring short quizzes, for the benefit of the community.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements:
1. Wee expects to admit anyone who pays Rs 1,000, and to provide them with lunch, tea and snacks for that price. But male purchasers of said entry must wear collared shirts or T-shirts. Open-toed footwear, Hawaii chappals and / or shorts will disqualify entry and will be reported to the Slippers-Shorts Etc. Commission (hereafter SEC).
2. Our expectations regarding beer sales are subject to participants buying Class A coupons on the spot for said beer.

3. Our expectations regarding the quality of quizzes are subject to market risks, i.e. the quizzes that participants bring to the event.

4. Wee expects members to bring quizzes. Wee cannot emphasise this enough. 

Risk Factors:
1. There’s a lot of beer. It may involve going to the restroom quite a bit. (Hence “The Wee Company.”) Wear shoes that don’t slip on slick bathroom floors.

2. The biryani will eventually run out.


Date: Saturday, December 28

Time: 10 am-5 pm

Venue: Tulip Hall, Cosmopolitan Club, Mount Road

Where You Can Find More Information:

Registration Link: http://bit.ly/36mzKGM

Please ensure you’re registered for this IPeeO by December 26.