QFI Meeting Report – September 2, 2019

By Ravi Mundoli

To paraphrase the canonical Hindu kutcheri season reviewer, last Sunday’s QFI session was marked by energetic performances of great verve from both quizmasters.

Roshan Dattatri’s mellifluous rendition of QF1 was refreshing in its emphasis on content tailored more towards the younger generation, but was also peppered liberally with nuggets of great antiquity and tradition where Donkey Kong rubbed shoulders with Bernard Shaw and ice skaters shared the rink with Parashurama.

After applying the usual 🐍 (snake, for the uninitiated) method of team formation, Roshan conducted the main quiz on behalf of in absentia veteran Anil Kumar K. While it started with a mildly disturbing Teutonic flavour (the first 4 questions involved Germany and thereabouts), it settled into a steady rhythm of facts and knowledge which positively reached a crescendo of syncretism with questions involving Persian Ramayanas, Christian symbology, and soccer.

It went down to the wire and team #5 walked away with the honours, a truly extraordinary outcome given that the score keeper was in team #2.

All rasikas went away in an exhilarated and meditative mood with the satisfaction of having experienced something which brought us closer to the Divine.

Team 1: Sree Ganesh Balaji, Pranav R, Deviprasad
Team 2: Anshuman, Ravi Mundoli, Rajagopal PS
Team 3: Mario, Vignesh, Nithya
Team 4: Vinod Shankar, Sudharshan, Ashwin Natarajan
Team 5: Rohan, Sreeram, Gopal Kidao
Team 6: Ramesh, Ravi, Siva Karthik
Team 7: Rahul, Prahalad, Navneeth
Team 8: R. Aswin, Gautam Ghosh, Aniruddh

1st: Team 5: Rohan, Sreeram, Gopal Kidao
2nd: Team 2: Anshuman, Ravi Mundoli, Rajagopal PS
3rd: Team 6: Ramesh, Ravi, Siva Karthik