Inbox Alert: QFIesta 2019 Sports Quiz

If you’re a QFI subscriber, you should find the second QFIesta quiz in your inbox today (05/09/2019). If you’re not, you can obtain access to the QFIesta quizzes and others conducted in 2019 by registering here: QFI subscriptions cost Rs. 1000/year and are recommended reading for UPSC aspirants, spiritual seekers and non-anti-nationals.

Unlike certain quizzers, who, upon suddenly finding themselves at a quiz fest with multiple ‘specialist’ quizzes, cheerfully resolve to love them all, your Humble Correspondent (HC) is apt to look with a somewhat jaundiced eye on quizzing’s younger sons, the sports and arts quizzes. The sports quiz, scheduled most helpfully during afternoons, is usually the time HC chooses to kip down for a quick snooze. In an unexpected turn of events akin to Sir Neville Cardus heading off to Lords to watch the 1921 Aussies practice but ending up watching a re-run of Spofforth’s test, HC found himself pleasantly surprised by ‘A Question of Sport’ put together by Rohit Suresh (‘Rotti’), Ramesh Natarajan (‘Nat’), Mario Fernando (‘Ashwin’). This marvellous piece of work which should have now reached your inboxes deserves as much praise as a well-directed googly from Tich Freeman.

Despite the presence of unsavoury sights like an England 2019 CWC jersey and Liverpool fans, the HC saw much in the prelims (and finals) to convince him that sports quizzing is not just war minus the shooting minus the playing. He found himself answering as many as three questions during the prelims and commends the QMs for extending the definition of sport to include F1 and WWE. He expects that the next edition will have a couple of questions on quizzing as well.

The finals conducted at 8 am on the following day saw Suraj Menon, Aditya Gadre and Annanya Deb finish first. Sankhya Krishnan, Vijay Sarathy and Prashanth Sampath finished second while Sachin Deshpande, Titash Banerjea, VV Ramanan finished third.