QFI Meeting on Sunday 19th June 2011

Dear Members,

This is to invite you all to the QFI Meeting to be held this Sunday (19th June 2011).

The meeting will feature quizzes by Siddharth Manickasundaram and Nitish Khadiya.

Siddharth has done a wonderful quiz for us in the recent past and has promised a great quiz this time around as well. Nitish’s quiz was conducted as part of the RVCE quiz fest some time back. Thanks to Ravi Mundoli and Nitish Khadiya for bringing this interesting quiz to us.

We intend to start on time. So please be there at 10 AM. Latecomers might have to join the audience!

We also plan to have a session of buzzer quizzing as part of this meeting – we plan to use iOS devices for this purpose. Members with iphones, ipod touches or ipads (and can bring them along to the quiz) are requested to email us at qfichennai@gmail.com for details on the buzzer application that needs to be installed. One such device per team would be sufficient to have a buzzer quiz. Members can lend their devices to teams which don’t have one for the duration of the round. Please let us know.

Venue – PS Senior Secondary school, # 33, Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore, Chennai 600004
Time – 10 AM

Subscriptions for 2011 are due. Please pay your subscriptions at the meeting.


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  1. The quizzes which happen in our fortnightly meetings are usually team based – teams are formed on the spot at random, so no need to form a team beforehand. You can just show up.

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