Independence Day Weekend Quizzes in Chennai


The tag “Woodstock of quizzing” has already been applied to another quizzing extravaganza in another city, but QFI-Chennai will attempt to replicate it somewhat closer to the actual anniversary of Woodstock. Over three days in mid-August, Chennai will host SIX quizzes, all but one of them open to anybody at all who cares to land up. The Who has consented to be our opening act. Please bring your own pens, psychotropic drugs and free love.

August 13: The QFI Grandmaster quiz, a lone wolf prelims-finals format. This quiz is open to QFI-Chennai members only. However, in an often-abused loophole, people from other cities land up, pay our extremely reasonable membership fee on the spot, and take part. (Venue / timings to be announced)

August 14: A trifecta of quizzes. At 9:30am, we will start with the prelims of the AV quiz. (Please note that this is merely a general quiz that is exclusively audio-visual in nature, and NOT an
entertainment quiz.) At 1pm, after lunch, we will begin a Sports quiz. At around 5pm, we hope to begin our headliner event, the annual QFI Open quiz — a general quiz. All three quizzes are open to teams of up to three members. (Venue of the quizzes — and also of the after-party — to be announced.)

August 15: At the Music Academy, the prelims of the Chennai leg of the Landmark Quiz will commence around 3pm. The top two teams from this leg will then join the other six teams that have already qualified, for the national final of the Landmark Quiz, which is expected to begin around 7pm.

Accommodation for outstation guests can, unfortunately, not be arranged. The best we can do is direct you to the nearest TASMAC shop to celebrate your wins / drown your sorrows. But please, do come.


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  1. Are all the 3 quizzes held on aug14, open?n plz confirm the venue for aug 14!!!thank U!!

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