509: Connect the picture of the battlefield to the horse and the dish.

508: The picture of the book lying amidst broken glass is a photograph from the infamous Tiger Woods automobile mishap. The book is the physics tome “Get a Grip on Physics” by John Gribbin. Gribbin, a science writer with a dozens of books on popular science to his credit, shot up on Amazon rankings as a result of curious people buying his books after spotting “Get a Grip..” in the photograph. Allegedly, in a February 1988 article in Nature, Gribbin was the first person to suggest that the greenhouse effect might be reduced by adding iron to the oceans as a “fertiliser”. This concept of “Iron Fertilization” has gained currency in recent years among climate researchers as a potential method to reverse global warming.

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  1. 1.The Battle of Marengo which Napoleon won against the Austrians in Italy, 2. and his horse was named for this victory. 3. The dish is Veal Marengo, named for the place in Italy.

  2. ‘The Battle of Marengo’ – fought in 1800 between the French (under Napoleon Bonaparte) and the Austrian forces.

    Marengo – name of Napolean’s horse depicted in the pic.

    Chicken Marengo is the dish

  3. Battle of Marengo
    The painting is Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David (My wife’s a fan of his art and I’m lucky to have seen one of the versions of this painting in person and that’s how I recognized it)
    Napoleon crossed the alps before the battle of Marengo
    The dish is Chicken Marengo. According to legend, Napoleon got hungry and wanted a quick dish after the battle and his chef improvised with whatever was available and made this creation.

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