508: What’s the amusing story? (The technical diagram could act as a clue.)

507: 1932 film Freaks inspired the Ramones catch phrase “Gabba Gabba Hey”. Brad Pitt is dressed up as DJ Lance Rock, the character who hosts the Nickleodeon children’s TV show “Yo Gabba Gabba!” whose title is inspired by the Ramones slogan.

4 thoughts on “508

  1. Pic 1 is that of Tiger Wood’s recent car crash. He was reading a copy of the book ‘Get a Grip on Physics’. Ever since the crash, this book has been rising up the charts on Amazon

  2. The picture on the left shows a shot of Tiger Woods’ car interior after his recent car accident outside his home. The book visible in the shot is “Get a Grip on Physics” by John Gribbin. This photograph led to an unprecedented rise in popularity of the book, esp. on Amazon.
    The picture on the left is the ocean iron fertilization experiment, conducted (without success) by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

  3. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution conduct a conference of sorts to discuss some funda about Iron Fertilization techniques.
    Even experienced golfers like Tiger Woods find it hard to “drive” when they have too many “birdies” to think about.
    So their cars get hit in the woods.

    If Tiger gets this question right, it might be called Wood’s hole in one.

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