459: The distinct red / purple splotches on the stem of this plant are used to identify it. They are also given a very evocative name. Explain.


458: The first video is from film version of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” The second is from the Tamil film “Neengal Kaetavai.”  An anecdote goes that Tamil film director Balu Mahendra, after a string of critically acclaimed films, decided to make a film targeted as an entertainer for a mass audience titled “Neengal Kaetavai” (roughly translated to “What you asked for.”)

Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It” is allegedly titled so for a similar reason – critics from Samuel Johnson to George Bernard Shaw have complained that As You Like It is lacking in the high artistry of which Shakespeare was capable. Shaw liked to think that Shakespeare wrote the play as a mere crowdpleaser, and signalled his own middling opinion of the work by calling it As You Like It — as if the playwright did not agree.

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