443: What connects these films?

442: “The Principe Island, where Arthur Eddington proved the theory of Relativity during a solar eclipse. The actors who played Eddington and Einstein in a BBC serial. ” Yep, that’s Dr. Who and Gollum as Eddington and Einstein.

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  1. based on a couple of them there, i’m going to say films remade by their own directors – DeMille’s two versions of 10C, Hitchcock’s two versions of Man who knew too much etc.

  2. All of these movies were made once and then re-made by the same director, presumably due to a surfeit of time (which all of us have) and also of money and patience (which most of us do not).

  3. 5 movies remade by their great directors.

    Wasn’t sure about the rest, but 10 commandments, and TMWKTM gave it away.

  4. Einstein was right about the shortcomings of Quantum Mechanics and so therefore String Theory is also the incorrect approach .
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