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  1. British astronomer Eddington claimed to have confirmed Einstein’s theory of gravitational deflection of starlight by the Sun (Photograph of a solar eclipse in Príncipe, a west African island)
    a. Map of Principe
    b. The photo proof
    c. From the TV series Einstein and Eddington

  2. Bending of light rays – observed photographed during the 1919 eclipse from the west coast of Africa – proving Einstein’s theory of general relativity.The observation was made by the two gentlemen in the third photo…Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington and Sir Frank Watson Dyson

  3. einstein and eddington , eddington tested theory of relativity at principe during an eclipse and confirmed that

  4. The Principe Island, where Arthur Eddington proved the theory of Relativity during a solar eclipse. The actors who played Eddington and Einstein in a BBC serial

  5. The first pic locates São Tomé and Príncipe, the second one shows lunar eclipse, and the third one shows Einstein and Eddington. The prelude to British drama Einstein and Eddington is set on Eddington’s expedition to observe the solar eclipse in 1919 at São Tomé and Príncipe.

  6. The first pic is Sao Tome & Principe Islands

    The second pic is the photograph of the 1919 eclipse, shot by Arthur Eddington at Principe

    The third one is the BBC Drama Einstein & Eddington.

    The connect could be the Theory of Relativity. Eddington used his eclipse pic to prove some parts of the theory and the BBC drama narrates the same

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