293: Which part-Indian film maker connects?

292: The current ruling house of Thailand, the Chakri Dynasty, is named after the Sudarshana Chakra, the mythical weapon of Lord Vishnu. “The Chakri which provides both name and emblem to the house of Chakri, is composed of the discus (Chakra) and the trident (Trisula), the celestial weapon of the God Narayana (an avatar of Vishnu) of whom the Siamese King is seen as a personification.”

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  1. Director – Anand Tucker.

    Movie connects :
    Steve Martin – Shopgirl
    Jacqueline du Pre – Hilary & Jackie
    Antoine de Saint Exupery – Saint-Ex.

  2. haha, movie shit i can claim to know without googling, or even enlarging the pics.. though it’d be embarrassing if it turns out to be wrong…

    steve martin (shopgirl), du pre (hilary and jackie) and saint exupery (saint-ex).

    anand tucker.

  3. name given to One who feels happy eating a lot of food-Anand Tucker (dir of shopgirl,Hilary & jackie, saint ex)

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