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  1. Sundarshan Chakra
    Emblem of Chakri Dynasty – Thailand
    Coat of Arms of the Chakri Dynasty

  2. The Thai Chakri royal family emblem inspired by Lord Vishnu’s weapons

  3. Krishna/Narayana’s weapon is the Chakra, Shikhandi (rebirth of Amba, who was given a boon by Shiva) was instrumental in Bhisma’s death-Shiva’s weapon being the Trishula; Charka & Trishula is the emblem of Chakri Dynasty; the Coat of Arms of Siam when the Chakri Dynasty ruled over it (incidentally the Siamese King was seen as a personification of Narayana.

  4. Krishna going at Bhishma with a chariot wheel, Thai royal family (Chakri Dynasty) emblem which is a Sudarshana Chakra+Trishul and one old Thai royal standard with Airavat aka Erawan and other such HIndu symbology. Can’t think of a straight connect between the three images though, other than the vague Vishnu-Hindu mythology cloud.

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