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  1. Chevy Chase, nicknamed “Chevy” by his grandma after “The Ballad of Chevy Chase” as he’s a descendant of Clan Douglas. The Earl of Douglas is an important character in the ballad. The ballad is so named as events in it happen in the Cheviot Hills, hence image 1.

  2. chevy chase was named after his adopted grandfather cornelius who resided at castlehill

  3. Cheviot Hills
    Chevy Chase

    Ugly Wiki Cut Paste below
    The name Chevy was a nickname bestowed by his grandmother, derived from the medieval English Ballad of Chevy Chase. As a descendant of the Scottish Clan Douglas, the name “Chevy” seemed appropriate to her

    The Cheviot Hills are a range of rolling hills straddling the England/Scotland border between Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

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