199: E.C. Bentley, wrote the first Clerihew on Humphry Davy.

200: The manuscript containing a number of old poems and songs was discovered in the monastery. The bespectacled man set a few of the songs to music. Identify all.

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  1. When Joesph Chacko wanted to remove the growth on his upper lip for the first time, Thomas Masun suggested that he buy some Old Spice after-shave as well as he liked Orff’s carmina burana from the church @ Beuern

  2. When i was in Coimbatore, I used to watch an ad on TVfor Old Spice after shave lotion which had some striking background music. Some basic research revealed that the score was called Carmina Burana by a German composer called Carl Orff ( pic 3) .He had set to music a text ( pic 1 is the cover ) containing tavern songs and love songs which were given the collective name Carmina Burana and had been discovered in a Bavarian monastery ( pic 2).

  3. Straight from the wikipedia page:
    Carmina Burana (pronounced [‘karm?na bu’ra?na]), also known as the Burana Codex, is a manuscript collection, found in 1803 in the Bavarian monastery of Benediktbeuern, and now housed in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich.

    The guy with the goggles is Carl Orff.

  4. might he be Carl Orf and the poem being 11th century anti ecclesiastical poem in high German – Carmina Burana

    – Apurva

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