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  1. When I was in Coimbatore, i read an article about a guy called Eugene Sandow who is generally considered the father of what we refer to as `bodybuilding’. Sandow is considered a generic name for strongman in Tamil cinema and junta like actor /director Raja Sandow appended the surname Sandow to their name.The TN state government’s award for best director is named after Raja Sandow who took his name from Eugene Sandow.

  2. heard DP murmuring-” what if the leaf was not there”while he was googling for images. So i went over to him and asked him whose image he was seeing and he said that is a chap called Sandow whom he had seen wrestle in 1910. However DP’s fav wrestler is Gama who is remembered fondly in Ladhak in the saying-Dont be a gama in the land of Llama!

  3. Zabysko. Dara Singh defeated him in some wrestling match of importance. So Manmohan Singh decided to name Parveen Bhabhi’s bodyguard/villian in Amar Akbar Anthony as Zabysko.

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