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  1. All adaptations of Carmen, the Opera
    Pic 1 – Carmen Jones
    Pic 2 – Carmen a hipopera
    Pic 3 – Some South African operatic movie based on Carmen.

  2. 1. Camren Jones starring Harry Belafonte & Dorothy Dandridge.

    2. Carmen: A Hip Hopera starring Mekhi Phifer & Beyonce Knowles.

    3. U-Carmen eKhayelitsha starring Lungelwa Blou & Pauline. Malefane

    Three different remakes of 1943 Broadway musical Camren Jones, which in turn is a remake of 1875 French Opera Carmen (which is inspired by an 1845 novel Carmen by Prosper Merimee).

  3. “Bizet’s opera”
    Carmen Jones
    Carmen: Hip Hopera
    Pauline Malefane(Third Pic – Name is written)

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