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  1. Smita Patil as Bhumika which is inspired from the autobiography of the 1940s Marathi and Hindi movie star Hansa Wadkar

  2. The second photo is of the late Smita Patil essaying the lead character in Bhumika. Apparently that character was based on a real life Marathi actress named Hansa Wadkar. So me thinks that is the connection.

  3. smita patil acted in the movie called Bhoomika, which was supposed to be inspired by the autobiography of Marathi Actress Hansa Wadkar, titled “Sangtye Aika”.

    Go Google!

  4. Pic 1 is Hansa Wadkar. Pic 2 is Smita Patil in Shyam Benegal’s Bhumika a movie which is loosely based on Wadkar’s life.

  5. Bhumika (pic 2) *ing Smita Patil was inspired by the life of the actress Hansa Wadkar (pic 1)

  6. 1. Hansa Wadker
    2. Smita Patil in the movie Bhumika which is based on Hansa Wadker’s life with Smita Patil playing the role of Hansa Wadker

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